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Quarterly Box: Take a Trip with Thorntree

In this quarter’s box we are putting you in a vacation state of mind by highlighting nine different materials tributed to America, South America, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, and Central Asia. We work with clients and designers near and far and wanted to highlight our inspiration from several countries, including right here in the US. So, grab your passport and prepare for takeoff!


To begin our world tour, we start in the US with the Glass Mosaic in Arcadia Steel Blue made in Michigan. We chose the blue color to represent a lakeside vacation to our Great Lakes. Did you know the great lakes are the largest freshwater system in the world? This freshwater inspired material is perfect for a waterline along your pool. Another great fact about this material is that it is created in a Michigan factory that uses recycled materials in a plethora of colors.


Our next stop on the world tour is the west coast of South America to introduce our Andes Cappuccino 2cm Travertine Paver. Although this product is domestically produced, the color and style are inspired by the beige and grey elements of the Andes Mountain Range. These mountains hold the world’s largest mineral deposit and many of these minerals are present in the Cappuccino paver you see above. This material is brand new to our stock and is available in 4 sizes.


Next, we travel across the Atlantic Ocean to Spain for our triangular shaped ceramics known as the Tres collection. The colors we chose to represent this gorgeous country are Marine, Living Coral, Lake, and Snow. These pops of color are an homage to the bright and vivacious culture present in Spain. For your Spanish holiday, we recommend stopping in Barcelona to visit the Picasso Museum. If you are interested in making your next project a work of art, we recommend the Tres collection to add some Spanish flair. These ceramic tiles are available in both matte and glossy finishes and several designs including line, solid, and even 3D.


Our next stop on the Thorntree tour is a quick trip to France. The elegant background material is our Reves de Rex Perle. This brand-new marble/onyx porcelain look is French for “dreams”. This is a great base because of the light and airy colors remind us of a beach in the French Riviera. This material is also available in 3 other colors.


On the next leg of our European tour, we stop by Italy for the Le Reverse Elegance Taupe. This porcelain has a classic Italian feel due to its limestone look. This porcelain has a natural refined finish with the dual soul of stone. The ancient aspect is due to trampling over time, which is very similar to the Roman relic, the world-famous Colosseum. We highly recommend vacationing near one of the seven wonders of the world! This material is also available in grip, 20mm/2cm, and comes in 4 color variations.


We love stopping in Italy so much that we added 5 Italian inspired elongated slim subway tiles by Tinte in the colors Rosa, Aquamarina, Blu, Verde, and Carta de Zucchero in a matte finish as a complement to the Romagna Riviera near the Adriatic Sea. This collection is inspired by its rich and deep culture, rhythm, and music making this spot a must-see on our vacation tour.


After our tour of Italy, we pop over to Greece for architectural inspiration and location of true marble. This natural stone shows off its subtle waves, refined roughness, and variation due to the tight coarse of the material. The featured product is our Karnis DG, which is obviously influenced by the ancient Parthenon Temple in Athens. Truly a must-see on any vacation bucket list, the material is a tribute to the stunning temple.


To tie off our quarterly box off we stop over to Asia, where we are featuring our Oro Oce in Ocean Blue. We chose this specific piece because it reminded us of a more outdoorsy vacation for thrill seekers and bucket listers: hiking our world’s tallest peak, Mount Everest. The swirls and crosscut of this spectacular onyx remind us of the snowcapped Himalayan Mountain range and is the perfect close to a global vacation trip. So whether your perfect vacation sounds like a romantic evening on the French riviera or an exhilarating climb of the tallest mountain in the world, we have a little something for everyone when you take a tour with Thorntree!


Thank you for joining us this quarter on our vacation tour of the world. If you were inspired by any of these materials and would like to include some cultural charm on your next project, we recommend reaching out to your friends at Thorntree to get your hands on our global products. We pride ourselves in sourcing our materials from all over the world and providing you with the very best! Stay tuned for next quarter’s feature.