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About Thorntree

Since the early days as a natural stone company, Thorntree has evolved into a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional entity, supplying some of the most highly celebrated commercial and residential projects throughout the nation with refined glass, hand-painted tiles, and the world’s finest porcelain. 40 years later, Thorntree now has three locations, all with full-service showrooms.

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The Stone Process

Throughout time, luxurious natural stones have been a focal point in prestigious homes, elite hotels and resorts, commercial buildings and of course, fine works of statuary art which grace the world’s premier museums. Millions of years ago, natural stones were being formed miles underneath the Earth’s surface through the same liquid and gas materials that formed the Earth’s eventual solid core. As the Earth’s crust began to form and became thicker, it squeezed around the inner core which created intense pressure and heat. As a result, the core began to expand and erode, and the solid minerals were pushed up to the Earth’s surface which formed the colossal rock beds, known as “quarries.” Thorntree deals directly with the finest quarries of the world to bring you the best quality and most beautiful of natural stones – marble, limestone, sandstone and slate to name a few.

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