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Thorntree Socials: Champagne & Chocolate

Following several other events in February, Thorntree was proud to host a Champagne and Chocolate tasting for about 50 people. Annie Rupani of Cacao & Cardamom and Allison Conner of Houston Wine Merchant were there to share the nuances of pairing chocolate and champagnes and how the subtle flavors of each complement and enhance each other. As you can see, the chocolates were almost too pretty to eat! Almost.




Annie was a student studying law at Boston University when she decided to pursue her passion of chocolatiering. Her chocolate is inspired by her South-Asian flavors that she grew up with. She infuses flavors like cardamom, cumin, coriander, and fennel. We love the unique flavor pairings and artistic attention she gives to each piece of chocolate.


Champagne and Chocolate is a yearly affair we like to put on to show our appreciation for our partners, designers, architects, and builders. It’s a great opportunity to eat something tasty, drink, and mingle together outside of work. We can’t wait until next year!