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Soho – Solid

Finding the right color and style is easy with Soho’s abundance of mosaic options. Six solid color mosaics are available: 2-inch squares, 1-inch hexagons, 2-inch hexagons, beveled arabesque, picket, and scallop shapes.

Product Options

Canvas White Arabesque

Cloud Blue Arabesque

Gallery Grey Arabesque

Halo Grey Arabesque

Loft Grey Arabesque

Soft Sage Arabesque

Vintage Grey Arabesque

Canvas White Picket

Cement Chic Picket

Gallery Grey Picket

Halo Grey Picket

Loft Grey Picket

Retro Black Picket

Vintage Grey Picket

Canvas White Scallop

Cloud blue Scallop

Gallery Grey Scallop

Halo Grey Scallop

Loft Grey Scallop

Soft Sage Scallop

Vintage Grey Scallop

Canvas White 1" Hexagon

Cement Chic 1" Hexagon

Gallery Grey 1" Hexagon

Halo Grey 1" Hexagon

Loft Grey 1" Hexagon

Retro Black 1" Hexagon

Vintage Grey 1" Hexagon

Canvas White 2" Hexagon

Cement Chic 2" Hexagon

Gallery Grey 2" Hexagon

Halo Grey 2" Hexagon

Loft Grey 2" Hexagon

Retro Black 2" Hexagon

Vintage Grey 2" Hexagon

Canvas White 2x2

Cement Chic 2x2

Gallery Grey 2x2

Halo Grey 2x2

Loft Grey 2x2

Retro Black 2x2

Vintage Grey 2x2

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