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Soho – Patterns

Mixed color mosaics from the Soho collection bring an updated feel to traditional, two-tone hexagon and basketweave configurations, and the tri-color, pattern mosaics add visual interest to any interior space. Each are available in five distinct color blends, meaning there is no shortage of choices when it comes to design.

Product Options

Soho Afternoon Blend Chain

Soho Dawn Blend Chain

Soho Evening Blend Chain

Soho Midnight Blend Chain

Soho Morning Blend Chain

Soho Afternoon Blend Cubic

Soho Dawn Blend Cubic

Soho Evening Blend Cubic

Soho Midnight Blend Cubic

Soho Morning Blend Cubic

Soho Afternoon Blend Diamond

Soho Dawn Blend Diamond

Soho Evening Blend Diamond

Soho Midnight Blend Diamond

Soho Morning Blend Diamond

Soho Afternoon Blend Hexagon

Soho Dawn Blend Hexagon

Soho Evening Blend Hexagon

Soho Midnight Blend Hexagon

Soho Morning Blend Hexagon

Soho Afternoon Blend Plaid

Soho Dawn Blend Plaid

Soho Evening Blend Plaid

Soho Midnight Blend Plaid

Soho Morning Blend Plaid

Soho Canvas White/Cement Chic Basketweave

Soho Canvas White/Cloud Blue Basketweave

Soho Canvas White/Loft Grey Basketweave

Soho Canvas White/Retro Black Basketweave

Soho Canvas White/Soft Sage Basketweave

Soho Canvas White/Cement Chic 1" Hexagon

Soho Canvas White/Cloud Blue 1" Hexagon

Soho Canvas White/Loft Grey 1" Hexagon

Soho Canvas White/Retro Black 1" Hexagon

Soho Canvas White/Soft Sage 1" Hexagon

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