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The Sensi collection takes you on sensory journey in alluring neutral colorways that form fluid designs and spaces. Inspired by combining a natural stone and concrete look into a porcelain material, Sensi evokes a balance of nature and nurture in 7 sizes and 25 colors to create a truly tactile experience. This collection also features recycled glass mosaics and dynamic surfaces to interior and exterior applications.

Product Options

Brown Dust

Brown Fossil

Brown Lithos

Brown Sand

Brown Mosaic

Grey Dust

Grey Fossil

Grey Lithos

Grey Sand

Grey Mosaic

Ivory Dust

Ivory Fossil

Ivory Lithos

Ivory Sand

Ivory Mosaic

Taupe Dust

Taupe Fossil

Taupe Lithos

Taupe Sand

Taupe Mosaic

White Dust

White Fossil

White Lithos

White Sand

White Mosaic

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