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Summer Kitchens

Originating in the early-19th centuries, the summer kitchen had a number of practical applications in residential life.  At its most basic level, the outbuilding physically separated hot kitchen activities from the rest of the house during the heat of the Summer months—one way to survive the heat before we had the luxury of modern air conditioning.  Often, people would disassemble their coal or wood cookstove and move it into the summer kitchen when the weather got hot, in an effort to keep the house as cool as possible.

The physical separation of a lit stove or hearth from the primarily wooden house meant that summer kitchens also reduced the risk of house fires.

Today, we enjoy summer kitchens still, although they have evolved somewhat into more of a leisure space that expands our living space, allowing us to cook, eat and entertain without having to book a reservation. Whether having a backyard BBQ, or lounging and grilling by the pool with friends, the Spring and Summer months are  all about enjoying the outdoors.

An outdoor kitchen can be as simple as a grill, table and chairs, or as elaborate as a fully outfitted kitchen complete with built-in appliances and seating.

At Thorntree we have many products to offer in both natural stone, and exterior rated porcelain tile that are ideal to incorporate into your outdoor kitchen design and will endure well, exceeding your expectations over many years.