With the rush of the holidays and the excitement of the New Year behind us, we typically look forward to a few days or weeks of down time to get caught up on things that had been put on the back burner those few busy weeks of December.  However, that has not been the case since the calendar changed to 2019!

We hit the ground running on January 6, when we invited about 30 friends and clients for another rockin’ evening at the Heights Theater with Alejandro Escovedo and the Don Antonio Band.  We were helping our clients kick off their month long celebration of all things Italian.  We followed that  up with a hugely successful Italian wine and cheese tasting at our client’s office, where we had the pleasure of hearing Jeremy Parzen, a fellow member of the IACC, speak about the intricacies  of Barbara D’Asti wine and the nuances of aged Parmesan.  There may have been some talk of stone and tile as well….

We also had a visit from our main Italian supplier, who showed us a sampling of some of their new lines that they are releasing this year.  It is truly amazing to see how they outdo themselves in the quality of their designs and artistry every time.  We are excited to show you once we have them in hand!

Stay tuned for more exciting products to be released this Spring.  2019 is going to be a great year!

Alejandro Escovedo, center, with Don Antonio left, and Denis Valentini right, rocking to one of their originals!

A brief after party with our guests and the band before they had to hop on the bus and head to their next venue.

Brown River porcelain

Illusion porcelain

Symphonie porcelain



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