Merriam-Webster defines the word ‘longevity’ as a long duration of individual life or long continuance; permanence, durability.  At Thorntree, we have come to recognize those same qualities in our employees.

Thorntree was founded in 1980 as a small Mom & Pop Shop, where Clive and Berry Rae sold slate from their native South Africa.  For the past 38 years, their little shop has grown into a multi-million dollar business with a reputation for honesty and reliability.  This did not happen by accident…. Thorntree’s success is due in a large part to its employees, especially those who have been with us the longest!

Stuart and Karen celebrating her 20 years!

In June, we celebrated the 20 year anniversary for Karen Yoder. Karen started just as any other employee on our sales team, and grew in knowledge as our company grew.  Today, she is the manager of our studio location at the Houston Design Center, helping many of our residential clients and designers.


We also celebrate Domingo Perez, who works tirelessly in our warehouse, loading, unloading, and making sure thing get to where they are supposed to be.  It is no easy feat moving heavy stone and tile.  He makes it look effortless!


Working behind the scenes helping with distribution in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and the Eastern seaboard is Renee Lawrence. Renee has been with Thorntree 21 years, having joined the company after her service in the Air Force was complete.


Renee, Domingo, and Jackie-a combined total of 62 years at Thorntree!


If you’ve ever had to have something shipped or delivered, chances are you’ve worked with Jackie Aselin.  Jackie has been with Thorntree for 21 years and succeeds in juggling the delicate balance of shipments, deliveries, airfreights, and equipment.


As you can see, Thorntree has many moving parts that help in its success. But what is at the heart of our company is the people- people that you’ve know so long that they are like family. That is a true testament to Thorntree’s longevity and staying power, and also a testament that whether blood related or not, Thorntree is still a family business.







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