We are pleased to announce that the Thorntree Studio in the Houston Design Center has been selected as the winner of the Commercial Interior Design Award in the Architectural Design Category by Paper City Magazine Houston! In 2020, we redesigned our studio with the vision and hard work of Doug Detiveaux & Hannah Rae from Gensler. Our goal was to show off our large selection of natural materials to create a space that we can comfortably host guests, clients, and peers. We are delighted to hear the modernized makeover was a success.



The design team sought to stimulate the selection process by encouraging clients to make more creative decisions when considering the company’s products. The decision to incorporate fewer, more compelling display moments was pivotal. 



The journey begins at the front door. Immediately, clients are drawn to the impressive reception desk bearing the company logo. Sculpted from a single salvaged block of Portuguese marble, this transformative work of art seems to say “touch me and know that I am formed of the earth.” The entry flooring upon which clients stand features three-color porcelain tile in a trompe l’oeil geometric pattern creating the optical illusion of depth. 



Displays are installed gallery-style on wall surfaces enabling clients to individually contemplate the possibilities of each product. Reflectively extending the display space offers a unique opportunity for clients to envision themselves positioned within the context of the company’s products. 




Finally, the creative journey arrives at the showroom’s petite five-by-five restroom. This ingenious small space is devoted to the many virtues of Calacatta marble. This classic material is artfully utilized in a suite of innovative finish treatments enhanced by counterpoint surfaces clad in bronze mirror finish to accentuate the material’s natural beauty. The result is a jewel box of functionality.


And thus, the design journey concludes, and the client journey begins. 


Author: Emil Knodell

Photos: Andy Phan 


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