Last Friday, April 27th, Thorntree had the unique opportunity to participate in Product Runway, an interesting take off of the TV show, Project Runway.  We were partnered with Identity Architects and Sit On It Seating to create and fabricate a couture garment, using IDA’s design prowess and our materials.


Product Runway is hosted by IIDA, the International Interior Design Association, and proceeds benefit the Houston Furniture Bank, where they make empty houses homes for Houston’s need families.  The theme of this year’s show was Met Me at the Met, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of this fun event.  Each team was assigned a Met Gala theme from years past– Our theme was ROCK STYLE.  And rock it, we did!


Our model was escorted onto the stage in a striking purple bustled skirt adorned with black mosaic tiles and a black leather type vest, to reveal underneath a silver mosaic-studded bustier and shorts, along with matching jewelry and accessories.  The end result?


ROCK STYLE won Best New Arrival!


A great time was had by all where we were able to see colleagues old and new and help support a wonderful cause.

We look forward to next year’s design challenge!













Our gracious model showing off the award for Best New Arrival with a few of our ID Architect team members!

L to R: Greg Johnson, Phylo Wilke; Abbey Martin, Thorntree; Aimee Eversole, Tipler Design; Stuart Rae, Thorntree; Alexa Hosner, Tipler Design

L to R: Kelly Goode, Thorntree; Olevia Nguyen, Vero Interior Design; Elaina Kuess, Thorntree; Anna with Midway Companies Jackie Carillo, Courtney Harper+Partners


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