Leonardo Ashima // Porcelain

In the southwest of China, In Shilin, stands a rare wonder. An incredible expanse of tall limestone formations suddenly jut up from the ground, like stalagmites in a hidden cave, as if an entire forest has suddenly been turned to stone. It is a genuinely surreal place where you can walk amongst the mazes, paths, and canyons created by these strange formations that have all been named by the local people and linked to legendary object, animals, or people.

The most famous of these is a rock called Ashima. According to local legend, Ashima was a beautiful and courageous girl, born in the forest, who fell in love with a boy she could not marry as he did not belong to her own people. Refusing to accept her fate, she tried to run away with him, but immediately turned to stone, along with the entire forest that still holds her spirit captive.

Inspired by the labyrinthine nature of the forest of Shilin, Leonardo has created a stone-effect porcelain collection with a highly distinctive appeal.


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