Imola Parade // Porcelain

The dictionary defines cast stone as: crushed marble and stone mixed with white or coloured cement that, once hardened, mimics granite.

The origins of the first cast stone floors date back to the ancient Greeks, before becoming well-known in Italy in Roman times, to eventually reach the famous Venetian battuto floors used in the beautiful villas of Venice and most famous buildings of the 1800’s.

The result is on this route through history, research and technology that Parade draws inspiration for an animated project from respect for the material and its origins, as well as from a desire to transform it and provide new ways of interpreting its vital spirit.

PARADE is a swirl of emotions, always different and yet always authentic: offering many hues united by complex technological processes used to mix the grains, continuing from the reference tradition.

The finished product gives the effect of random composition, a surface with many facets that reflects the different textures of the materials mixed in the batch, in one version featuring a fine agglomerate – available in natural and polished finishes – and another featuring a mixture of large grains – available in three different surface finishes: natural, smooth and bush-hammered.

With a range made up of ninety basic articles, PARADE fits into a wide spectrum of possible uses, from residential and commercial environments, and for any floor or outside surface, thanks to a component that is both aesthetic and totally technical at the same time.


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