Florida Tile Thicker 2.0 // Porcelain

THICKER is the 2CM ultra-thick porcelain tile suitable for any outdoor flooring application. Its density, resistance to the elements, superior load and breaking strength, and ease of installation make it the perfect solution when a high-performance material is required. Add to that the aesthetic benefit of HDP–High Definition Porcelain® graphics that make modern porcelain indistinguishable from natural materials, without the headache of sealing to protect your surface. THICKER is the right choice for all residential and commercial outdoor spaces.

Because of its density and size, THICKER can be dry installed. This means that when the substrate allows, installers can forego the adhesives or mortar/cement bases. It can be dry installed on grass, gravel, or with a raised support system, that conceals yet provides access to wiring or irrigation systems. These installation methods offer the additional advantage of removing and reusing the pavers. Of course, it can be installed with the traditional adhesives if the substrate requires it. These nonporous pavers are ideal for any landscape!

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