When COVID 19 first made its appearance, it certainly took the world by surprise and made us all take pause.  During this unprecedented halt, we decided to go ahead with our previously planned remodel, since it was necessary to close the studio down.

The showstopper in our new space is the gorgeous new state-of-the-art kitchen!  The new cabinets, supplied by Kitchen and Bath Concepts, are clad in a modern bronze metallic finish and help show off the breathtaking Eternal Gold 12mm porcelain countertops.  Upon closer inspection, you’ll find an induction cooktop by Invisicook.  You heard that right, the porcelain surface is actually a cooktop! 

There is a moveable counter/table that is also porcelain clad, but in the plain white color, which offers a lovely contrast to the cabinets and the veining with the Eternal Gold slabs. 

Studio Kitchen Oct_small

Should you need to powder your nose, classic Italian Borghini marble has been reimagined to seemingly do what we thought it couldn’t.  The walls are covered in slabs that are finished in a grooved and polished together with a chiseled stripe pattern.  The sink appears to be floating and the water disappears to the back with no visible drain.  It’s a marvel and a haven all on its own. 

With the expanded kitchen, we plan to host may great events.  From professional chef demos to cozy informal gatherings with clients; continuing education classes to new product launches, we look forward to seeing friends and clients in our new space. 


small-Studio Bath New

There are a few things that will never change with Thorntree.  We are going to continue doing what we have always done best, and that is seeing to it that our customers are happy with their service and materials that they purchase from us.  We will continue our tradition of excellent customer service, keep our quality products on hand, and look forward to continuing to make this the BEST of times!  

Cheers and thank you for your continued trust in Thorntree! 

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