The inaugural night of Miracles & Murals took place Thursday, November 29, 2018 and what a night it was!  The event, put on by Luxe magazine, was held at the Ferrari of Houston Dealership to benefit Texas Children’s Hospital.  It was a night to remember!

Its inception was inspired by the patients at Texas Children’s Hospital.  So many children who are suffering from cancer and blood disorders are not able to experience some of the fun things that healthy children get to do.  Because of that, TCH has its own arts director to plan fun and interesting things for those kids who are being hospitalized.

To help raise money for the TCH arts department, four design teams were formed to create  48″X48″ paintings to be auctioned off that evening.  Stuart Rae, Thorntree’s president, was part of a team with architect Matthew Mitchell, designer Melanie King, and developer David James Custom Builders. Together, they created an abstract masterpiece reminiscent of a rainbow unicorn.

The three other teams also created fun and interesting pieces featuring a sunset, an abstract composition, and a rabbit.

All in all, the event was a success!  With over 200 people in attendance, a backdrop of luxury racing vehicles, and generous amounts of food and drink, Miracles & Murals was bound to succeed!  And the winner in all of this are the kids of TCH.

Thank you to our great teammates and all of the other sponsors who participated in this fun and worthwhile project.  We hope this is the beginning of a wonderful new tradition!

Team 1: Creative Tonic, Montgomery Roth Architects, Winfrey Design Build, Tribute Goods

Team 2: McGarr Design & Interiors, Dahlstrand Architects, Stetzer Builders, Designer Floors

Team 3: Melanie King Designs, Matthew Mitchell Architecture, David James Custom Builder, Thorntree

Team 4: Rosenberg + Gibson Design, Cusimano Architects, Alair Homes, Dauphin Sales



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