In the constantly evolving industry of porcelain, it is nearly impossible to keep up with the latest methods of installation and fabrication. As professionals, it is important that we educate ourselves so that we can ensure that our clients will receive the best service and installation for their projects.

Large format tile is no exception!  In fact, it can be quite intimidating since the pieces are so large and sometimes difficult to handle.

We are lucky enough to know and recommend wonderful fabricators and installers that we can trust to help others learn new processes of installation!

Wes Torres of Facades Group and Jonathan Davis of Laticrete were here recently to instruct fellow fabricators on how to properly handle, cut , and install large format porcelain.  In addition, Wes spoke at length about the nuances of cutting porcelain, especially when being used in a countertop application.  He has years of experience in working with natural stone, but now he almost exclusively works with large format porcelain, so he has learned through many trials on how to best work with the material.

Wes Torres showing the proper way to support slabs when prepping for fabrication

Wes and his associate placing a slab on the cutting surface

We had a large crowd of about 60 people!

A lot of interest in what Wes had to say…

Stuart giving a demonstration on how durable and stain resistant porcelain really is!

We served a great BBQ dinner, catered by Oneals on Wheels, along with prize drawings for cash and Astros tickets and other giveaways.  With about 50-60 people in attendance, it was very well attended!

Food and desserts were excellent, thanks to Oneals on Wheels!

The crowd enjoying food and beverages in our warehouse

The following day at our studio at The Houston Design Center, we served breakfast for lunch from Catering by George, gave a CEU presentation to about 25 people,  and finished our event with quick talks by Wes and Jonathan.  We concluded our event with a fun & fiery demo by Stuart, our company’s president!

Wes giving a quick run down of large format porcelain handling and fabrication

Stuart and Karen doing the stain and heat demos!

A true expert in his field, Wes was able to answer all of the questions asked by our participants.

All in all, everything was a great success!  Many of the designers and fabricators asked great questions and those questions help us to better understand the processes when we are able teach it to others.

Our participants who came to the warehouse demo left with a myriad of goodies and are considered Florim Certified on knowledge of how to handle, fabricate, and install large format porcelain slabs.

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