Yes… yes… we know you’re probably thinking of Bradley Cooper or Lady Gaga, but this Star is a bit different.  This is Étoile!

At Thorntree, everyday we are lucky to be surrounded by exquisite natural stone and fine porcelain.  Then along comes Étoile de Rex, one of the latest lines from Florim, to make our surroundings even more lovely!

What makes Étoile so special?  Not only is it the usual top quality porcelain that Florim produces, but they have again successfully replicated some of the most unique stones in the world.

One of the eye-catching stones they have replicated is called Amazonite.  It is a greenish blue stone that is mainly quarried from Brazil.  In comparing the colors and the detail, Florim has again captured the essence of this beautiful natural stone with its Illusion color.

Natural Amazonite Stone

Étoile Illusion










Illusion, along with new colors Symphonie, and Brown River,  are available in 4 sizes, and two finishes in the 6mm thickness, making it ideal for wall or floor applications.  They are also offered in two mosaic patterns.

Étoile Brown River

Étoile Symphonie








There are also four other colors available that are in the 6mm and 10mm thicknesses.  Renoir, Gris, Crème, and Tropical  are available in 7 sizes, including the largest format of 5’x 10′ panels, in addition to four different mosaic types.

Étoile Renoir

Étoile Gris

Étoile Crème

Étoile Tropical















We now have literature and samples available, so feel free to contact us to see these fresh new products!

To view the entire Étoile collection, click here: Étoile de Rex


And just for fun…. here are a few fun pics of ‘A Star is Born’ for your enjoyment!

Cooper and Gaga Photo Cred:

A Star is Born casts from the past…. Photo Cred:



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